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Current Research

A sampling of my recent and ongoing work

Hiking Boots
Image by Emily Morter

Economic valuation as a communication device for environmental philanthropy: Evidence from the lab and field

2021 in Land Economics, w/Caroline Noblet & J. Ross Anthony

Through a randomized, controlled laboratory experiment and a natural field experiment with a non-profit organization partner, we test the efficacy of economic valuation information as a communication strategy for encouraging environmental philanthropy.

Efficient, but immoral?: Assessing market attitudes as multidimensional

2018 in Economics Letters, w/Caroline Noblet

Factor analysis of responses from nearly 2000 participants across three studies is used to create and validate a multidimensional scale consisting of five distinct components of market attitudes. We assert that understanding within-subject variation in attitudes towards markets better informs analyses that relate market attitudes with economic behavior.

Image by Bertrand Borie
Image by Heather Mount

Willingness to pay as penance in the demand for ethical consumption

2021 in Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Economics

This work uses an experimental design with random assignment to test the effect of reactive guilt on demand for organic, local, and monastic goods and the role that religious identity plays in influencing moral balancing behaviors.

The economic impact of gun violence and support for gun control

Working Paper, w/ Hatoon Mushasha, Class of 2019

The economic impact of gun violence has received widespread media attention, but the effects of the dissemination of this information on support for gun control have not been explored. This work uses an experimental design with random assignment to determine if the use of economic impact information increases stated support for gun control, donations to gun control non-profits, or stated willingness to be taxed to support gun control policies.

For a full list of publications, please see my CV. Copies of working papers are available upon request.

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